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Bottom Line Briefing (BLB) is a monthly compilation of significant articles that offers ideas to help you improve your association's operating efficiency.

About BLB & Information, Inc.


Bottom Line Briefing (BLB) is a complimentary monthly electronic news service available only to association executives and staff. The service provides summaries of the latest tools, techniques and strategies that will help you improve your organizational efficiency, member retention, marketing efforts and your bottom line.

Bottom Line Briefing is supported by sponsorships and reaches more than 14,000 association executives.

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Information, Inc. has been creating handcrafted content for associations, corporations, and government agencies for more than 25 years. Our newsfeeds are expertly written, industry-specific news summaries that association members rely on to stay on top of their industries' events, to anticipate developing trends, and to take advantage of the quickening pace of business. For associations, Information, Inc.'s newsfeeds are a regular reminder of the benefits of association membership as they help their members advance their businesses, careers and professional development.

Our Process

Information, Inc.'s news products are truly comprehensive. We monitor an extensive range of print and electronic media, totaling nearly 11,500 national and international information sources. We read more than 15,000 new stories a day. Trade journals and specialized business publications comprise approximately 50% of our reporting; the rest consists of the top 50 U.S. newspapers, national and international news wire services, and Web sites. The benefit of having an extensive library of print subscriptions is that more than one-third of our research sources are not available in electronic form. And our media coverage extends far beyond the U.S. as we frequently reference more than 400 newspapers, magazines, and wires services from around the world.

Information, Inc. works with each client to develop a list of criteria for news selection. Our large staff of news specialists makes editorial judgments to insure that the selected stories match the clients' criteria. Newsworthiness, significance, relevance and other similar screening criteria are key factors employed by our editors to maintain the highest standards for our news services.

Why Choose Information, Inc.

We solve the common complaint among business people that there is too much to read. Our professional writers enhance the end user experience by distilling all the key facts from an abundance of information into an expertly written summary. Simply put, good summaries are easier to consume and are generally preferred by busy people.

Additionally, custom news content has proven to be a valuable relationship-building tool with which to market to members, customers and prospects. Our clients distribute our custom news content to their employees, customers or the public via their Web site, Intranet, Extranet, electronic mail, and other methods. Our clients have the right to use our custom news content without restrictions.

Contact Us for Further Information

To learn more about our capabilities and to see if we can serve your association's information needs, please fill out the sample request form and we will respond shortly, or call Brian Yellin, Vice President of Business Development, at 301-215-4688.

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