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Bottom Line Briefing (BLB) is a monthly compilation of significant articles that offers ideas to help you improve your association's operating efficiency.

To ensure that you receive every issue of Bottom Line Briefing, please exclude us from your spam filter.

Below are a few common ways to do this.

1. Open the email
2. Right click the e-mail address 3. Select Add to Address Book. 4. Click "save".

1. Open the email
2. Click arrow on the right next to "Reply"
3. Click "Add (sender) to Contact List"

1. Open the email
2. Click "save address" in the toolbar
3. Verify the sender's contact information
4. Click "ok"

Outlook 2003
1. Open the email
2. Left-click on the sender icon or right-click on the sender's name
3. Click "add to contacts"
4. Click "save and close"

Outlook 2007
1. From your inbox, select BLB.
2. Select Actions and then Junk Email.
3.Click Add Sender to Safe Senders List.

1. Open the email
2. Click "add to address book" to the right, next to the sender's name
3. Verify the sender's contact details
4. Click "add to address book"

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